Our offer is directed to people fascinated by extraordinary things, things that tell their own story, formed over the ceturies.

Tables, consoles, coffee tables, frames and other handcrafted furniture made from one of the most precious wood known to men – Bog Oak.

All of our projects are special, one of a kind pieces made to individual order.

Bog Oak (oak wood of Quercus Robur L. or Quercus petrae L.) – Having been for thousands years lying at the bottom of a river, underground or under layers of peat, without access to oxygen and light, but at the same time subjected to the long-lasting influence of the iron chloride, the wood gains a unique colour and immunity. In this way, the oak wood becomes one of the most precious, and on the other hand most difficult materials to work with ever known.

Being so rare and difficult, yet so remarkable and graceful, the oak wood is strongly desired in the whole world up to this today.

Research made with the dendrochronology and radiocarbon dating technique 14C indicate that the wood used by the Evorio team is approximately 600-6500 years old.