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Evorio is in fact a unique fusion of the magical levitation effect with the top quality Polish carpentry.

We make highly personal projects and offer innovative solutions. What calls the shots for us are: quality, uniqueness and true craftsmanship. Our main products are hand-made tables of the oak wood, always best quality.

Although born of traditional carpentry techniques and years of experience, our products are also very modern, using the newest electromagnetic technology. Thereby, beauty unites with strength, durability with magic and the lightness of levitation.

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We are a manufactory. Uniqueness and originality are the top factors for us. All our projects are very individual, based on your wishes and expectations.

The standard colouring options in our offer:

- Dark rosewood (e.g. Merkury table)

- Light brown

- Softly whitened or completely whitened wood

- No colour (natural colour of wood, but strengthened, e.g. the Wenus table)

The structure of wood is always consulted with the Customer.

For instance:

- Polished wood (e.g. Merkury table)

- Structured wood (e.g. Wenus table)

We treat our work as a passion, always taking care of even the tiniest details. Everything should be tailor-made to meet all of your expectations, for you are the core of our job.

Chosen projects of ours:


Oak, hand-made, oiled (dark rosewood)

width: 100 cm
height: 76 cm
length: 180 cm
thickness of the top: 4 cm
height of the blende: 7 cm
size of the leg: 10x10 cm
weight: approx. 130 kg
WENUS table

Oak, hand-made, oiled (natural colouring)

width: 100 cm
height: 76 cm
length: 180 cm
Thickness of the top: 4 cm
height of the blende: 7 cmv size of the leg: 10x10 cm
weight: approx. 130 kg


Magic hidden in the wood

The electromagnets used in the EVORIO projects allow us to combine beauty and durability of the oak wood with the magical effect of levitation.

The base of the electromagnet placed in the top of the table – when plugged-in – allows the object put centrally above the top to levitate over the table. The object is equipped with a permanent electromagnet and levitates 2 – 4 cm above the table, depending on its weight. The maximal weight amounts to 1 kg, although it is recommended not to exceed the limit of 500 g for better effects. But remember, the object you put on the table should not be a magnet itself, otherwise it won’t simply work.

Striving for constant development is our greatest virtue. We create new designs and projects so that every single Customer can get what they want. Your wish is our command. And if you have ideas we have not come across yet, go for it, tell us about them and we will do our utmost to bring them to life.

All the EVORIO tables are available in the LEVITABLE version, i.e. with the electromagnets, as well as in the standard version.

Allow yourself for a touch of extravagance and levitate...

...and we will fill your interiors with originality beyond measure.